Water Sensor for Arduino

1.000 KD
Our water sensor is easy- to-use, portable and cost-effective, it is designed to identify and detect water level and water drop. This sensor measures the volume of water drop and water quantity through an array of traces of exposed parallel wires. Compared with its competitors, this sensor is not only smaller and smarter but also ingeniously equipped with following features:
  • smooth conversion between water quantity and analog quantity;
  • strong flexibility, this sensor outputs basic analog value;
  • low power consumption and high sensitivity;
  • directly connected to microprocessor or other logic circuits, suitable for a variety of development boards and controllers such as Aduino controller, STC single-chip microcomputer, AVR single-chip microcomputer and etc.
  • Operating voltage: DC5V
  • Operating current: <20mA
  • Sensor type: Analog
  • Detection area: 40mm x16mm
  • Production process: FR4 double-side tinned
  • Humanized design: Anti-slippery semi-lunar recess
  • Operating temperature: 10%~90% without condensation