Parallax ColorPal

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11.000 KD


Detects a wide range of colors and outputs data as 10-bit RGB (Red/Green/Blue) components.
Detects broad-spectrum ambient light with sensitivity down to 44µW/cm2 per lsb.
Generates 24-bit color using onboard RGB LED.
Plugs into servo headers or cables or solderless breadboards.
Single-pin interface uses a simple serial protocol to define and initiate color detection and generation.
Color detection and generation details handled by onboard microcontroller.
Onboard EEPROM for saving custom color detection and generation programs.
Autorun feature permits running a pre-designated EEPROM program with only a power supply.

Power requirements: 5.0 VDC
Communication: 1-wire serial (asynchronous, non-inverted, open-drain serial protocol) with automatic baud rate detection from 2400 – 7200 bps
Dimensions: 1.72 × 0.90 × 0.65 in (44 × 23 × 17 mm)

Communication with the ColorPAL takes place using serial I/O, transmitting and receiving at between 2400 and 7200 baud, using a non-inverted, open-drain protocol. The ColorPAL includes a pull-up resistor to Vdd, so you do not need to apply one externally. Because of the open-drain protocol, the pin used to communicate with the ColorPAL should always be configured as an input, except when being driven low. Also, when starting up, you should wait for this pin to be pulled high by the ColorPAL before trying to send it any commands. Please see the user’smanual (297k pdf) for more information.