OWI-535 Robotic Arm Edge Kit

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OWI’s second-generation robotic arm kit, the Robotic Arm Edge, teaches the basic mechanics and electronics of robot arm construction and control. Using five motors with gearboxes, the Edge has five degrees of freedom: a 120° wrist motion, a 300° elbow motion, a 180° shoulder motion, a 270° base motion, and a 0-1.77" (0-4.5cm) gripping motion. When one of the gearboxes encounters excessive resistance to motion, the gearbox will make a noise that alerts you to stop the arm’s motion in that direction. Illuminating whatever the gripper is holding, a white LED is mounted to the “hand” of the arm.

An illustrated manual guides you through assembly, which requires only a Phillips screwdriver, long-nose pliers and diagonal cutters; no soldering is required.

The Robotic Arm Edge is a kit; assembly is required. Four ‘D’ batteries are required but not included.

OWI-535 Robotic Arm Edge kit parts.

Feature Summary

wired remote-control with five switches
120° wrist motion
300° elbow motion
180° shoulder motion
270° base motion
15" (38 cm) vertical reach
12.6" (32 cm) horizontal reach
3.5oz (100g) lifting capacity
0-1.77" (0-4.5cm) grip range
9" x 6.3" x 15" (22.8 × 16 × 38 cm) assembled dimensions
1.5 lbs (658g) weight
white LED gripper light
audible gear indicators prevent damage to gearboxes