Keyestudio Proto Screw Shield

4.000 KD


When using Arduino to do the work, you may feel bad for wiring on the port. It makes us feel less reliable to either use bread board harness, or use sensors shield with dupont lines connection. Now we launch a binding post shield, which is not only very reliable and convenient for directly screwing the thread on the binding post, but also support the prototype circuits establishment. It is an aggregation of the Arduino Screw shields and Arduino Proto Shield prototype shield.


Provide binding post IO for Arduino, convenient for terminal connection;

High quality 3.81binding post, reliable, convenient and durable;

Combined with Proto Shield, the middle of screw shield can be used as a proto shield;

Prototype expansion area has double-sided PCB overhole connections, and the front and back sides can be soldered with components;

The back IO has patch pad, convenient to connect the fly line;

Middle section can place small bread board, convenient for experiment extension.