IR Wireless Remote Control Module Kit

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1.750 KD
This latest IR remote control kit is comprised of mini super-thin IR remote control and 38HKz IR receiving module. The mini super-thin IR remote control has 17 functional keys with transmission distance up to 8M. It is very suitable for indoor manipulation of various devices. The IR receving module can receive standard 38KHz-modulated remote control signal. By programming aduino, you can decode remote control signal, thus creating various remote control robots and interative works.
  • Transmission Distance: up to 8m (depending on the surrounding environment, sensitivity of receiver and etc.)
  • Effective Angle: 60°
  • Surface material: 0.125mm PET(service life: 20,000 clicks)
  • Static Current: 3~5uA; Dynamic Current: 3~5mA