Huge 6V 5.6W Solar panel

26.750 KD

The substrate is an aluminum / plastic composite, specifically designed to be strong and lightweight. They can easily stand up to typical outdoor use including being dropped and leaned on. They're very high quality and suggested for projects that will be exposed to the outdoors. These now come with 4 plastic mounting screws which makes it easy to attach the panel, even to fabric!

To connect, we suggest a 3.8mm OD/1.3mm ID DC jack or you can use this handy 1.3mm to 2.1mm adapter cable which will turn it into a standard 5.5mm/2.1mm DC plug

If you want to use this to charge a battery or run your project, check out our optimized Solar Lithium Ion/Polymer charger!

For some nifty ideas on what to do with your solar panels, check out Voltaic's DIY page


Length: 220mm / 8.7"
Width: 175mm / 6.9"
Cell type: Monocrystaline
Cell efficiency: 17%+
Thickness (without screws): 5mm / 0.2"
Thickness (with screws): 10mm / 0.4"
Wire Length: 260mm / 10.2"
Weight: 225g