FLORA Sensor Pack

28.750 KD

Take your project portable with the included battery pack and stitch it into a final design with conductive thread

There's no limit to the projects you can make with the included parts:

FLORA main board

As of May 12th, 2015 the FLORA Sensor Pack now includes v2 of the FLORA!

USB A/MicroB cable

FLORA Color Sensor (TCS34725)

FLORA Accelerometer/Compass (LSM303)

FLORA Lux Sensor (TSL2561)

Woven Conductive Fabric (for capacitive touch sensing!)

Sewable Snaps (aka sewable switches!)

4x AAA alkaline batteries

3xAAA Battery Holder with On/Off Switch and 2-pin JST

JST Extension Cable

4x FLORA RGB NeoPixels v2

Stainless Steel Conductive Thread - 3 ply - 18 meter/60 ft

You may get a FLORA with an off-white or black JST connector.