Bracket Pair for Sharp GP2Y0A02, GP2Y0A21, and GP2Y0A41 Distance Sensors - Multi-Option

1.250 KD

These lightweight brackets are made from 0.8mm-thick aluminum and are specifically designed to work with Sharp’s analog GP2Y0A02,GP2Y0A21, and GP2Y0A41 distance sensors. Three versions are available: compact perpendicular and parallel versions, and a slightly larger but more versatile multi-option version that allows for mounting the sensor in either orientation along with greater flexibility in sensor placement relative to the mounting surface.

Family of brackets for Sharp GP2Y0A02, GP2Y0A21, and GP2Y0A41 Distance Sensors.

The brackets are strong enough to hold their default 90° bend, but they can be bent by hand to different angles if the application calls for it.

Example of the Bracket for Sharp GP2Y0A02, GP2Y0A21, and GP2Y0A41 Distance Sensor – Perpendicular bent to a different angle.

The brackets are sold in pairs, and four M3×5mm screws and nuts are included (two for each bracket) for securing the sensors to the brackets. The other side of each bracket has mounting options intended for use with #4 or M3 screws.

Details for item #2679

This multi-option version of the bracket offers the versatility of mounting the sensor in either a parallel or perpendicular orientation, and the long slots provide flexibility in positioning of the bracket on the mounting surface. With the sensor in the perpendicular orientation, the slot in the other face allows for side-to-side adjustment, and with the sensor in the parallel orientation, the sensor position can be adjusted forward or backward. In both orientations, the bracket can be mounted such that the sensor extends significantly past the edge of the mounting surface of so desired. (Note that the base of the bracket in the right picture below has been cut so that it is flush with the edge of the sensor.)

The following diagram shows the dimensions for the multi-option bracket and is also available as a downloadable PDF (74k pdf).