10K Precision Epoxy Thermistor - 3950 NTC

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For specific temperature-to-resistance, check the lookup table.

These are often used for air conditioners, water lines, and other places where they can get damp. The PVC coating of the wires is good up to 105 °C so this isn't good for very hot stuff.

We even toss in an additional 1% 10K resistor which you can use as calibration or for a resistor divider.

We have a great detailed tutorial on how thermistors work and how to use this one best!

Resistance at 25 degrees C: 10K +- 1%
B25/50 = 3950+- 1%
Thermal time constant <= 15 seconds
Thermistor temperature range -55 °C to 125 °C
28 AWG PVC Wire


Diameter: 1.3mm / 0.05"

Length: At least 457mm/18" long