Getting Started with IdeaBot

Getting Started with IdeaBot

What is IdeaBot ?

and what you can do with it ?

IdeaBot is an open-source Arduino based hardware robot that will take you from a beginner stage to the advance level easily, even if you are a robotics geeks you still can learn a lot !.

Using ideaBot you can do a lot of interesting things such as line following, maze solving algorithms, navigation algorithms (obstacle avoidance), moving objects around, Internet of things applications and even color sorting using a vision system camera.

IdeaBot is divided into several packages to make things easier which are Main Body Parts, Gripper Parts, Sonar Sensor Parts, IR Line Following Parts & the Scriber Parts. In addition to our new start-up shield that will save time and let you focus more on robotics.

Well the best thing about IdeaBot is our step-by-step learning tutorials that are project based so all you need is just to buy it and learn with us robotics! 

Enjoy our basic tutorials and wait for upcoming  lessons and challenges !.




Parts Included


ideabot components

IdeaBot contains the following parts

Main Body Parts

Gripper Attachment

2 Standard Servos

1 Robot Chassis

2 Wheels

1 Ball Caster (one piece only)

1 Arduino Uno

2 Strips of Velcro

1 StartupShield

1 9v - DC Jack Wire

1 6AA Battery Holder with Velcro

1 Left Battery Mount with Velcro

1 Right Battery Mount with Velcro

6 M3 x 10 Stainless Steel Standoffs

4 M3 x 20 Stainless Steel Standoffs

8 M4 x 12 Bolts

10 M3 x 8 Bolts

2 M3 x 5 Screws (Black)

8 M4 Hex Nuts

10 M3 Hex Nuts

1 Micro Servo

1 Base

1 Right Arm

1 Left Arm

1 Gear Seat

2 Spacers

2 Rubber Bands

5 M4 x 35 Bolts

2 M2 x 12 Bolts

12 M2 Washers

5 M4 Hex Nuts

2 M2 Hex Nuts

1 Micro Servo Arm

1 M2.5 x 5 Servo Head Screw

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