ELEV-8 V2 Quadcopter Kit

182.000 KD

The ELEV-8 Quadcopter is a flying robotic platform that is lifted and propelled by four fixed rotors. There are no fixed wings; all of the lift is created from the rotors. Unlike standard helicopters, the quadcopter uses fixed-pitch blades, whose rotor pitch does not vary as the blades rotate; control of vehicle motion is achieved by varying the relative speed of each rotor to change the thrust and torque produced by each.

Aircraft stabilization is electronically controlled by the HoverFly board with Parallax's Propeller multicore microprocessor. The benefit to this system is a stable platform with no mechanical linkages, for a small, maneuverable, and agile aircraft.

This kit provides a durable way to get involved in the advanced quadcopter arena. The kit includes; frame, mounting hardware, motors, speed controllers, propellers and the control board for flight stabilization (the only thing you need to provide is the RC radio equipment and a battery). We recommend a six channel RC radio.

The ELEV-8 platform is large enough for outdoor flight and has plenty of room for payload and attachments (up to 2 lbs).

NOTE: This kit is not for beginners, it requires a moderate amount of mechanical skill to build and fly. The ELEV-8 quadcopter kit requires an average of 8 hours to assemble; RC experience is highly recommended.

Key Features:

Open underbody for accessory and camera mounting
Open source design files are available for you to download and use
Modular frame allows for fast repairs and swapping of parts
High strength chassis keeps your electronic components safe and protected
Uses common 4-40 hardware that can be found at most local hardware stores
2 pound payload capacity

Land mapping and surveying
Real-estate observations
Aerial video


Light weight of 2.5 lbs fully assembled (without battery)
2 - Gem Fan 10x4.5 Composite Propellers
2 - Gem Fan Composite Pusher Propellers
4 - Gem Fan Plush mount 30A ESCs
4 - Gem Fan A2212-13 1000kv motors
4 - Anodized 6061 5/8" - .035 aluminum round tube
Dimensions: 18 3/8" (467 mm) motor center to motor center -- 20 1/4" X 20 1/4" (514 mm) -- Main body/frame 7" X 7" (177 mm) -- Height 7" (177 mm)
For details and documentation, please visit the manufacturars site: https://www.parallax.com/product/80000

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