Getting Started with Laser Cutting

Getting Started with Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is a process where a high power laser is used to cut sheets of material into shapes. IdeaLink has the capability to cut and engrave wood and acrylic, up to 6 mm thick and with a maximum area of 100 x 60 cm. All you need to do is design the shape you want cut using whatever software you want, and upload the file in an suitable format, dxf, pdf, psd xps, bmp (for engraving) or other equivalent file type. In Addition we guarantee the best price and quality for you.



The picture above is an example of the kind of results that can be achieved with laser cutting. Highly accurate gears, mechanisms and virtually any shape imaginable can quickly and cheaply be manufactured. Any picture can be engraved provided it is in bitmap format. Because of its ease and versatility, laser cutting is a powerful tool that should be in the arsenal of every maker.


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