PAAET - Practical Electronics Training KIT

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The kit includes the following:

    1) 830-Point Breadboard

    2) Potentiometer Trimmer 100K ohm 0.5W

    3) 500k ohm 1/4W Linear Potentiometer

    4) 2x BC547 NPN Transistor

    5) Infrared Reciever Diode

    6) Infrared Transmitter Diode

    7) General Purpose Relay

    8) Audio Piezo Buzzer 3 - 28V

    9) 1N4001 Diode

    10) Following capacitors:

            2x 100uF

            1x 22uF

            3x 10uF

            1x 1uF

            1x 0.33uF

            1x 0.1uF

            1x 22nF

            1x 10nF

            1x 1nF

    11) 555 Timer Chip

    12) 2x Push Button Mini Switch

    13) 1N4148 Diode

    14) Seven Segment Display

    15) 1x Voltage Regulator LM7805

    16) 1 of each of the following gates:






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