Getting Started with IdeaBot

What is IdeaBot ?

and what you can do with it ?

IdeaBot is an open-source Arduino based hardware robot that will take you from a beginner stage to the advance level easily, even if you are a robotics geeks you still can learn a lot !.

Using ideaBot you can do a lot of interesting things such as line following, maze solving algorithms, navigation algorithms (obstacle avoidance), moving objects around, Internet of things applications and even color sorting using a vision system camera.

IdeaBot is divided into several packages to make things easier which are Main Body Parts, Gripper Parts, Sonar Sensor Parts, IR Line Following Parts & the Scriber Parts. In addition to our new start-up shield that will save time and let you focus more on robotics.

Well the best thing about IdeaBot is our step-by-step learning tutorials that are project based so all you need is just to buy it and learn with us robotics! 

Enjoy our basic tutorials and wait for upcoming  lessons and challenges !.

Parts Included

IdeaBot contains the following parts

    Main Body Parts:
    Gripper Attachment:
    Sonar Attachment:
    IR Attachment:
    Scriber Attachment:

    Arduino Based IdeaBot

    IdeaBot is Arduino based which means it will use all the capabilities the Arduino controllers have and will be programmed using the same Arduino IDE and coding language, the controller that is used is the most famous and reliable Arduino UNO R3 shown below.


    Get Started with Arduino

    Through out IdeaBot tutorials you learn the basics of programming Arduino and how to connect sensors and motors to it. But in case you didn't use Arduino before we suggest that read our Getting Started With Arduino tutorial where you will learn  the following


        Getting Started with


                1- Installing Arduino IDE software
                2- Installing Arduino drivers
                3- Write your first code - LED blinking

    After that you are good to go to the first project of IdeaBot.

    StartUp Shield for IdeaBot !

    StartUp shield is specially designed to fit robotics requirements, it is designed to make your life easier and eliminate breadboard bulky connections.

    The shield is a stand alone product and can be used separately for all of your projects. It can fit on most types of Arduino controllers.

    We called it StartUp shield because it will be your start up method into the world of robotics ! Enjoy :)

     Picture of StarUp shield circuit model

    Technical Specs of the shield

    We spent a lot of time designing and testing this shield until we reached unique specs for the sake of IdeaBot performance and here are the main points of specs

    1. Operate 4 servo motors up to 3A current rating, thanks to the voltage regulators circuit design.
    2. On/Off switch that controls the power of the servos to make it easy for you to program the arduino without removing the servo connections every time.
    3. Separated digital & analog pins each with its own power supply pins.
    4. Special connection for the most famous used sonar sensor with echo and trigger pins.
    5. The shield is totally open sources and you can have access to all arduino normal pins.

    And a lot more things that you will experience while using the shield.

    Easy, Plug n Play & Intelligent StartUp Shield ..!

    Eliminate the use of breadboard, save time and minimize your errors using StartUp shield.

    Heads up !

    Start Moving IdeaBot around and learn the basics of navigation

    Go To Project 1 : Moving IdeaBot

    Have Fun  and Learn Something !

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