Four Channel Solid State Relay for Arduino

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1. 5V Omron solid state relays 240V / 2A, output with resistive fuse 240V / 2A.
2. Size: 57 * 55 * 23 (L * W * H)
3, the input power supply: 5VDC
4, the input control signal voltage:
(0-2.5V low state relay OFF)
(3.3-5V state high relay ON)

Input section:
DC +: positive power supply (by relay voltage power supply)
DC-: connect power negative
CH1: Relay Module signal triggering end (high level trigger valid)
CH2: signal relay module triggering end (high level trigger valid)
CH3: Relay Module signal triggering end (high level trigger valid)
CH4: Relay Module signal triggering end (high level trigger valid)

High and low meanings:
High level trigger signal to trigger the end refers to the (CH) between the negative power and has a forward voltage, usually with a trigger and trigger the positive terminal connected to the power supply, when the trigger end has triggered positive voltage or reach when the voltage relay is energized.
Low voltage trigger refers to OV, or trigger terminal voltage is lower than the voltage supply terminal and positive signal to trigger negative power between low enough to trigger the voltage, so that relay, usually the a negative trigger and the trigger end of the power connection, the relay is energized.

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